False Claims Act Defendants
Balestriere Fariello represents defendants in highly complex False Claims Act cases. Our experience on the plaintiff-relator side of these cases gives us additional insight into what is necessary to defend against alleged violations of the federal, state, and local false claims laws. Consistent with our complex litigation and investigations services, the firm conducts the necessary investigations into the individual(s) bringing the qui tam lawsuit to determine if they are even an adequate plaintiff-relator under the False Claims Act.
The firm represents whistleblowers who wish to bring qui tam lawsuits under federal, state, and local false claims laws. Balestriere Fariello prosecutes fraud either in concert with government attorneys, or, in some cases, in place of those government attorneys in accordance with the False Claims Act. The firm also handles the initial investigations and necessary government disclosures that precede qui tam lawsuits under the false claims laws.