We push cases to win.

Balestriere Fariello is a law firm distinguished by our:

  • Trial focus
  • Willingness to share client risk
  • Investigative skills
  • International perspective
  • Experience in providing counseling from a litigator’s perspective
  • Devotion to public service, and
  • Unique mix of streetwise courtroom experience and sophisticated, complex litigation background.

    We are not just litigators. It is increasingly difficult to find quality attorneys who can not only litigate a matter prior to trial, but who can also confidently try cases to a jury, judge, or tribunal of arbitrators. We can do that because we have tried cases in the past and continue to try cases, handle appeals at all levels, and conduct arbitrations now, all the time. Our firm is built on trial focused prosecution or defense: while most cases settle, and most litigators err in focusing immediately on settlement, we litigate every case as if it were going to trial or arbitration, and bring our appellate experience to bear in how we handle litigation from the earliest stages of a case. This focus allows us to prosecute effectively or defend an action in the best possible way by pushing us to judge every piece of evidence and every argument using the highest standard: how such evidence or argument will play out before juries or arbitrators. In turn, we obtain not only good results at trial, arbitration or appeal, but also better resolutions along the way.


    As entrepreneurial lawyers, we understand the needs of businesses and business people and consistently devise strategies that make the most business sense in each case. As a result, our clients—through a success fee, a “reverse contingency fee,” or other benchmark based payment methods—can trust that we are always doing what is best for them, since what’s best for them is also best for us.


    We do not just litigate, try, and appeal cases. When necessary, we make cases. Our attorneys direct teams of investigators, auditors, and analysts in various types of investigations, including those undertaken in response to government inquiries; perform due diligence projects on behalf of companies or investment firms who wish to invest in or do business with another company; help whistleblowers uncover fraud and misconduct; and conduct internal investigations when company management or boards of directors need to uncover fraud or internal corruption. And we bring our investigative skills to bear in all of our litigation and arbitration matters, ensuring that we know all the relevant facts to best fight and win.


    We serve our clients from the heart of America’s most cosmopolitan city and have an international practice. We have represented clients from every corner of the globe, both in disputes centered in America, as well as in litigations and arbitrations proceeding elsewhere. We are United States barred lawyers, but are ready to fight for our clients alongside co-counsel anywhere in the world.


    We have helped many clients in tough situations who turn to us for general counsel needs. We increasingly provide a range of general counseling, transactional, and deal services to our clients. Unlike typical transactional lawyers, we have seen deals go bad that result in litigation and investigations, and we are entrepreneurs ourselves. We provide a perspective to our general counsel and transaction clients that lawyers who are not entrepreneurs or who have not tried cases simply cannot.


    In all our cases, we are mindful of our special obligation as lawyers to seek justice. While we always fight for our clients, we choose our clients and our cases guided by this obligation to serve the public and promote just results in the marketplace. We do not just want to fight hard and win, we want to fight and serve the side we believe in.


    We have not restricted our practice to the controlled, predictable confines of federal or arbitration practice, though we feel comfortable in the District Courts, Courts of Appeal, and foreign and domestic arbitral bodies where we litigate. We also handle cases, and litigate well on behalf of our clients, in state superior courts and before administrative law courts as well. In both criminal and civil cases, we are well versed in the grittier, more intense litigation found in New York, New Jersey, and other state courts, and consider ourselves to be the premier shop litigating in New York’s Commercial Division. 


    We do not shy away from the exacting standards of federal courts or any kind of complex, intellectually intense litigation or arbitration. Our attorneys have litigated before federal and state trial and appellate courts across the Nation, and foreign and domestic arbitral bodies around the world.

Streetwise.  Sophisticated.  Superior Results.