Law School Apprentices

Balestriere Fariello is a private trials and investigations law firm. We’re looking for law school students who want a meaningful summer experience performing substantive work on cases, including both our business and public service contingency matters and with levels of responsibility typically reserved for associates at other law firms. In the past, summer law students have worked on projects including:
  • Drafting complaints against one of the world’s largest companies in a major, complex class action.
  • Research on procedural and policy aspects of class action lawsuits.
  • Writing first and later drafts of memoranda of law filed in current cases.
  • Researching all cases decided by a judge regarding arbitration agreements.
  • Interviewing witnesses for criminal cases in state court.
  • Assisting in depositions in a regulatory action before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
  • Preparing for and assisting at trial.
  • Development of a marketing strategy for the law firm.
  • Intense research on how fees are awarded in the different kinds of cases which the firm handles.
  • Transcribing manuals on litigation procedure or substantive law.
  • Filing documents in court and serving documents on adversaries or witnesses.

Who Should Apply

The firm is currently seeking law students as apprentices for the Summer 2022 session for full and part time work.


Law students must have completed at least one year of school before beginning the apprenticeship.
Apprentices must be very careful in their work, pay attention to detail, possess excellent writing and research skills, be ready to take initiative and be creative, work well in teams, but also be able to slog away in a given project by themselves, be willing to do whatever work is necessary for a given matter or research project, and be prepared to work on multiple tasks in multiple cases over the course of their apprenticeship.
We, in turn, will meet our responsibility to make the apprenticeship a challenging and rewarding one and to involve apprentices as much as possible in our work. Committed apprentices have become integral parts of the firm in very short order. Past apprentices have written papers with lawyers at the firm or joined the firm as attorneys.

Time Commitment

For any period deemed full time, apprentices must work in the firm at least four full days a week, though five days a week is preferred, and may be required at times to use their own laptops. For any period deemed part time, apprentices must work in the firm at least one full day a week when school is in session, though two days in the office are strongly encouraged, and must perform at least 15 hours of work per week (in and out of office).
We understand that, during the semester, school is a student’s top priority. At the same time, if a apprentice commits to working a certain number of days or on a given project at the beginning of the apprenticeship, we expect the apprentice to fulfill that commitment.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants should submit the following to as soon as possible:
  • Cover letter,
  • Resume,
  • Writing sample,
  • Unofficial copy of an up to date transcript,
  • List of at least three references (including at least one employer reference). Include an email address and phone number for each reference.
Write “2022 Summer Legal Apprentice Application” in the subject heading of the e-mail.

More Information

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