Business and Risk Sharing Litigation

Balestriere Fariello shares the risk of litigation or arbitration with its clients. We have an incentive to efficiently resolve disputes.
Unlike most law firms, we do not get paid simply for effort. We get paid substantially for the objectives we achieve and the value we obtain for our clients.
This means clients pay our firm either a greatly reduced hourly rate, or a monthly or flat fee, and that we in turn receive the majority of our fees based on the result we obtain for our clients.
When representing plaintiffs, we obtain a percentage of the financial recovery (a contingency or success fee). We get paid and win if the client gets paid and wins.
When representing defendants, we devise a system of bench marks (including a reverse contingency depending on agreed-upon client exposure), only being paid the success fee if we meet certain bench marks. We do not seek to slow down litigation or grind the adversary down, as do most defense firms. We want to push our cases to a conclusion with our clients’ best interests in mind.
We are here to serve our clients first and foremost as professionals. We do with our financial incentives aligned with those of our clients.